Sound Localities Compilation released!

Downloaded the compilation online for free here: Sound Localities Compilation 2011

Sound Localities is a project that explores sound in the city through field recordings and exchanges from artists in 7 cities in the local, regional and international space around Mons, Belgium. From Ghent, Brussels, London, Madrid, Hong Kong and Seoul, the project seeks to produce a dialogue amongst disparate places and individuals through their localised experiences to explore possibilities of imagining a wider global space.

The process: Individuals from selected art organisations working with sound were interviewed about their work with sound and their relationship as a cultural organisation in their city. The organisations were asked to select artists working with sound in the city to contribute field recordings to share something about the place. The sounds were contributed to an archive that were collected and shared online with all other participants in the project. 

The participating artists were then invited back to create a mix from the collection of sounds from the  cities. The result is a compilation of their mixes – reflecting a crossing of cities and experiences, and perspectives on the World that are reinterpreted and then shared back to each other. The compilation is a the result of a project called Resonant Cities (2010) that connects individuals in different spaces and times in a complex and globalising space of contemporary urban existence. 

Includes mixes by: Julien Poidevin (FR), Will Montgomery (UK), Jiyeon Kim (KR),Sébastien Biset (BE), Edwin Lo (HK), Pauwel De Buck (BE), Yiorgis Sakellariou (GR), Sinyu Tsang (HK), and Martin Clarke (UK). 

Sound Localities is a project initiated by Ashley Wong an artist, curator and researcher based in London, UK during a 3-month residency at Transcultures in Mons, Begium supported by Pépinières européennes pour jeune artistes and partners.   

Tuckstaking, Brussels

Arnaud Jacobs


Recorded 18 June 2008

Recorded during daytime from an open window. Manifestation of truckers on june 18th 2008.

The place where I live in Brussels is the nerve centre from where manifestations will start or at least pass by. Truckers, farmers and taximen where protesting that day against rising fuel costs.


Recorded 17 August 2003

Recorded in the summer of 2003. Quite a hot day. The alternating deep bass sound is a blowing fan that comes an goes. The background noise that starts after a while is from opening a window, the distant sound from fountain enters the recording. 

Duiven onder brug

Recorded on 16 Octobre 2004

Recorded in the fall of 2004. Pigeons in major cities are omni present. I like their internal cooing sound. This was recorded under a bridge along the brussels canal. Some other incidental sounds from people biking, jogging and walking along the canal. Kids playing in a parc nearby.  The spatial sound has a typical character, The sound is reflecting between the watersuface and the covering arc from the bridge. I like this recording because there is a discussion about the pigeons during the recording.

Arnaud Jacobs (b. 1968 in Wilrijk; Belgium; lives and works in Brussels) studied architecture. After his studies it did not take long, however, before he chose sound. He has released sound works under several aliases: MarkMancha, missfit, tmrx. From 2004, he has produced wrk under the name Aernoudt Jacobs with a focus on installations and performances. His work has been exhibited internationally and he has released two albums on critically acclaimed labels as Staalplaat (NL) and Selektion (D). 

His works are the result of a research of the different aspects of field recordings and how to assimilate this material to new forms, new contexts. For him the actual resulting field recordings are only a registration. The act, the memory, the context of the recording are even more interesting and complementary motives for his research. With the aid of psychoacoustic theories, he explores how perception can be influenced and how to express sound physically, spatially and emotionally.

Prima Villa Sha Tin and City One railway station, Hong Kong

Sunny Chan

PrimaVilla Sha Tin, Hong Kong 

The road near City One railway station, Hong Kong

Underground Tube Network

Ghent Underground Tube Network 


Bram Bosteels

"This is a recording I made in a big underground tube network during public works in Ghent. I put the microphone about 3/4 metres deep in one of the ‘tubes’, the tubes are interconnected underground, I guess they reach several hundred meters far and because they’re interconnected you can hear sounds from different parts of the city come together. (one end of the tube, where the microphone is, leads to several other endings spread around the city. A kind of ‘natural city mixer’ in a way ), what fascinates me in this recordin ?- cause it’s a tube ,  it’s kind of a ’ black hole’ :   you don’t get to see what you’re actually hearing , you haven’t got any visual information so you can’t really know what you’re listening to   and can only guess what it is and where it’s coming from. it makes the listening experience more intense .- the recording is part of a series of fieldrecordings i made in dwells and tubes.   i like  how  sounds from inside the tube blend with sounds from the city surrounding it . the tube is kind of a vain that’s running through the city.  i like the musicality of the resonance inside the tube , and the way sounds from the outside are absorbed, changed and coloured through the tube."  

Bram Bosteels
is an artist/musician based in Ghent. He is one of two parts of Kaboom Karavan along with Stijn Dickel.


Listen.HK is a continuous soundscape research and preservation project which aims to preserve the unique soundmark and soundscape in Hong Kong, as memorable things are disappearing under the rapid development of the city. An online archive and several recordings in the format of podcast and/or downloadable soundtrack will be released to help the audience immerse into the historical moment and imagination of one place.

The idea of Listen.HK comes from a sound collage - Symphony of Hong Kong (a.k.a. Hong Kong Diary) by me which audience can visualize my memories and own daily experience in my life.

HK Diary

There are currently 3 projects finished or in-progress:

Listen.HK I: At a glance and travelling through Hong Kong soundmarks

The Coastlines: In-progress project finding the relationship of time, history and location of Wan Chai coastlines development

Day and Night of Star Ferry Bus Terminus (pending): In-progress project investigating the stories and auditory charcteristics of the Bus Terminus at East Tsim Sha Tsui which will be removed in the future

Listen.HK is a project produced by School of Creative Media, City University student, Sunny Chan (a.k.a. SPU, Sunny’s Production Unit). In 2008, a short video of himself awarded the Best Short Video in the “The Warmest Message to Mother” short video competition organized by aTV.

At the same year, he established “SPU Channel” to produce a wide range of programs. The channel will be also available to HKCitizen Podcast in late 2010.

Specialties: Video Production, Sound Design and Production, Soundscape Research, Photography


On Top of the Town, Ghent

On Top of the Town

Pauwel De Buck

"Due to the heavy snowfall last weeks, the whole city is covered with that white and damping blanket. The aural atmosphere of our town gets more absorbed. This natural acoustic filter results in a much more silent and less reflective environment and causes very subtle nuances in our audible perception.

With this transformation of our daily sounds in mind, I was looking for a spot where I was possible to catch the whole city, including the massive layer of fog and snow which blends all auditive action. So I climbed on top of town, more specific, I positioned myself on the roof of the ‘Boekentoren’ building, 210 feet high.”

Pauwel De Buck is a soundartist living and working in Ghent, Belgium. His soundworks have been presented in installations as well as in performances. He utilizes location recordings of the urban environment to combine them with analogue electronic sounds. The end result is as much time based as it is sculptural and spatial. The work traverse between concrete sound environments and abstract sonic spaces.

Pauwel De Buck participated in residencies, performed his work in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and the USA. Made installations, soundtracks for various purposes. His sound works are released at the London Based Entr’acte label.

Madrid metro and various places

Manuel Calurano

Paseo Sonoro Rastro de Madrid

"This is a field recording of the ambient sound of the Madrid subway. In my opinion, it is an environment with a very strong sound quality and at the same time, represents the way of life in the town."

Cafeteria Plaza Lavapies 

"This is a field recording of the sonic ambience in a bar. It is a binaural field recording in a bar in the first hours of the morning." 

Mercado de Lavapies 

"Ratro de Madrid:
This is another binaural soundwalk in one the most emblematic places of the city. in the Shaefer’s terminology this would be a very representative “sound mark” of Madrid.”

Trayecto en metro Bilbao Tribunal

"This is a field recording of the trajectory on the Madrid Metro from Bilbao to Tribunal station."

Manuel Calurano is one of the creators and editors of Madrid Soundscape.

Lady Hawker Lamma, SEE book launch 2009

Lady Hawker Lamma 2009 SEE Book Launch

Yeung Yang

“Here’s a recording of a lady hawker selling some traditional sweets in Lamma Island, around the time of the Around sound art festival 2009. I don’t remember very well what she was selling…but it sounded very nice.”

Yeung Yang 楊陽is an independent curator, writer and university lecturer. Upon graduating from Yale University with an M.A. in anthropology, she worked as a documentary video director at Radio Television Hong Kong. She graduated in 2004 with a PhD in Intercultural Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Exhibitions she curated include “in midair, sound works hong kong 2007” (Jun,2007), “Art Responds to 14QK” (Nov 2007), “Nocturne, Alfred Ko solo photography exhibition” (Apr, 2008), and “Around sound art festival” (2009 & 2010). She was also artistic director of “October Contemporary 2009 - Now or Never”. She currently teaches Chinese and Western classics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In 2008, she founded soundpocket to promote sound art and its research and education in Hong Kong.