Pile Driver / to DaiLong Wan

Cedric Maridet


"Field recording done in Seymour Road in Hong Kong, 2008. The sound of (de)construction of Hong Kong."

To DailongWan

"Field recording (Hong Kong, 2005) walking along a path to Dailong Wan in Saikung Country Park."

Cedric Maridet (b. 1973, France) is an artist based in Hong Kong since 1999. He received his Doctorate Degree in Media Art in 2009 (School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong). His research aims at clarifying fundamentals in the heterogeneity of listening intentions in order to frame essential connections for sound art in a holistic perceptual and theoretical approach.

His art practice in video and sound (recorded on real-time streams) relays his theoretical concerns on the act of listening and mainly takes the form of compositions and installations. He has participated in many exhibitions and performances worldwide and was awarded Prize of Excellence in the Hong Kong Art Biennial 2005 for his video work ‘Huangpu’ (collected by HK Museum of Art). H has been invited to many residencies and workshops worldwide. He is currently Member of the Development Committee of NMSAT (Network Music and Sound Art Timeline, Locus Sonus) and Advisor for HK organisation Soundpocket. He has published some of his work on his platform monomer that he founded in June 2004.