Prima Villa Sha Tin and City One railway station, Hong Kong

Sunny Chan

PrimaVilla Sha Tin, Hong Kong 

The road near City One railway station, Hong Kong


Listen.HK is a continuous soundscape research and preservation project which aims to preserve the unique soundmark and soundscape in Hong Kong, as memorable things are disappearing under the rapid development of the city. An online archive and several recordings in the format of podcast and/or downloadable soundtrack will be released to help the audience immerse into the historical moment and imagination of one place.

The idea of Listen.HK comes from a sound collage - Symphony of Hong Kong (a.k.a. Hong Kong Diary) by me which audience can visualize my memories and own daily experience in my life.

HK Diary

There are currently 3 projects finished or in-progress:

Listen.HK I: At a glance and travelling through Hong Kong soundmarks

The Coastlines: In-progress project finding the relationship of time, history and location of Wan Chai coastlines development

Day and Night of Star Ferry Bus Terminus (pending): In-progress project investigating the stories and auditory charcteristics of the Bus Terminus at East Tsim Sha Tsui which will be removed in the future

Listen.HK is a project produced by School of Creative Media, City University student, Sunny Chan (a.k.a. SPU, Sunny’s Production Unit). In 2008, a short video of himself awarded the Best Short Video in the “The Warmest Message to Mother” short video competition organized by aTV.

At the same year, he established “SPU Channel” to produce a wide range of programs. The channel will be also available to HKCitizen Podcast in late 2010.

Specialties: Video Production, Sound Design and Production, Soundscape Research, Photography


Lady Hawker Lamma, SEE book launch 2009

Lady Hawker Lamma 2009 SEE Book Launch

Yeung Yang

“Here’s a recording of a lady hawker selling some traditional sweets in Lamma Island, around the time of the Around sound art festival 2009. I don’t remember very well what she was selling…but it sounded very nice.”

Yeung Yang 楊陽is an independent curator, writer and university lecturer. Upon graduating from Yale University with an M.A. in anthropology, she worked as a documentary video director at Radio Television Hong Kong. She graduated in 2004 with a PhD in Intercultural Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Exhibitions she curated include “in midair, sound works hong kong 2007” (Jun,2007), “Art Responds to 14QK” (Nov 2007), “Nocturne, Alfred Ko solo photography exhibition” (Apr, 2008), and “Around sound art festival” (2009 & 2010). She was also artistic director of “October Contemporary 2009 - Now or Never”. She currently teaches Chinese and Western classics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In 2008, she founded soundpocket to promote sound art and its research and education in Hong Kong.

Pile Driver / to DaiLong Wan

Cedric Maridet


"Field recording done in Seymour Road in Hong Kong, 2008. The sound of (de)construction of Hong Kong."

To DailongWan

"Field recording (Hong Kong, 2005) walking along a path to Dailong Wan in Saikung Country Park."

Cedric Maridet (b. 1973, France) is an artist based in Hong Kong since 1999. He received his Doctorate Degree in Media Art in 2009 (School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong). His research aims at clarifying fundamentals in the heterogeneity of listening intentions in order to frame essential connections for sound art in a holistic perceptual and theoretical approach.

His art practice in video and sound (recorded on real-time streams) relays his theoretical concerns on the act of listening and mainly takes the form of compositions and installations. He has participated in many exhibitions and performances worldwide and was awarded Prize of Excellence in the Hong Kong Art Biennial 2005 for his video work ‘Huangpu’ (collected by HK Museum of Art). H has been invited to many residencies and workshops worldwide. He is currently Member of the Development Committee of NMSAT (Network Music and Sound Art Timeline, Locus Sonus) and Advisor for HK organisation Soundpocket. He has published some of his work on his platform monomer that he founded in June 2004.

Ghost Festival, Hong Kong

Ghost Festival

Edwin Lo

'Auditory Scenes: A segment of the concert in ghost festival'
Recorded 2 September 2010, Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan. Hong Kong. 

"Ghost Festival can be regarded as one of the important Chinese traditional festival in Hong Kong. Every year, different activities such as rituals and Chinese operas will be held around in different districts in Hong Kong. 

Few years ago, I have started to investigate with the practice in Sheung Wan. Accoring to their practice, other than the community in Sheung Wan hire a group of people doing ritual during the ghost festival, they also hire some unknown singers to sing for the community. They cover some oldies and of course, some 80-90s cantonese pop. 

Even though this short segment somehow is not enough to represent the context of the event — for those who never experience the festival, this is just a song covered by unknown singer — this recording can be treated as a footnote and a document for the soundscape which is being endangered (and hence, extinction). Sheung Wan is rapidly changing over past few years and we can never imagine the difference years after years. Hopefully, this recording can be meant something in the changes of soundscape in the area.”

Edwin Lo (b. 1984) is a  sound artist, sound designer, field recordist and phonographer form Hong Kong graduated from School of Creative Media (SCM), City University of Hong Kong. Through different explorations on sound, Edwin Lo tries to develop his own philosophy and language on sound and listening: thinking sound as an object of desire, as haunting memories and experiences, articulation of our consciousness and awareness on listening and the evolution of listening.

Sound Pocket

Soundpocket is a promoter, educator, facilitator, and gatherer based in Hong Kong. We work in the fields of sound, art and culture. We find sound in diverse and dynamic relations with many different art forms (visual art, installation art, music, theatre, dance etc.), and with a variety of cultural contexts that give meanings to our lives. We would like to work with all those who share this active interest in sound.

soundpocket supports not just an art form, but ideas and possibilities that engage with aesthetically meaningful, culturally-grounded and publicly relevant sonic practices, which have a lot to teach about how we understand the world and the experiences yet to be valued.

Kwun Tong and Mongkok, Hong Kong

Kwun Tong, Hong Kong 1 

Kwun Tong, Hong Kong 2

Mongkok, Hong Kong 

Sinyu Tsang, 亞魚

"As a citizen in Hong Kong, I think the sound of a city is created by the micro interactions between people in daily life. Therefore, what people say, what sound do they produced create a narrative story of a city at a particular time. When a city is becoming more urbanized, some activities would be erased at the same time. Therefore, I went to some area which are under the redevelopment to collect sound in order to save these collective memory."

Sinyu Tsang is like any other young people, likes to play and enjoy life. What makes her a bit different from others is that she likes to share her experience through making art work. Sinyiu Tsang’s art work includes performances, installations, audio and videos. Among all,she is very passionate for sound and music.She is now studying in the School of Creative Media (SCM), City University of Hong Kong.


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