Sound Localities Compilation released!

Downloaded the compilation online for free here: Sound Localities Compilation 2011

Sound Localities is a project that explores sound in the city through field recordings and exchanges from artists in 7 cities in the local, regional and international space around Mons, Belgium. From Ghent, Brussels, London, Madrid, Hong Kong and Seoul, the project seeks to produce a dialogue amongst disparate places and individuals through their localised experiences to explore possibilities of imagining a wider global space.

The process: Individuals from selected art organisations working with sound were interviewed about their work with sound and their relationship as a cultural organisation in their city. The organisations were asked to select artists working with sound in the city to contribute field recordings to share something about the place. The sounds were contributed to an archive that were collected and shared online with all other participants in the project. 

The participating artists were then invited back to create a mix from the collection of sounds from the  cities. The result is a compilation of their mixes – reflecting a crossing of cities and experiences, and perspectives on the World that are reinterpreted and then shared back to each other. The compilation is a the result of a project called Resonant Cities (2010) that connects individuals in different spaces and times in a complex and globalising space of contemporary urban existence. 

Includes mixes by: Julien Poidevin (FR), Will Montgomery (UK), Jiyeon Kim (KR),Sébastien Biset (BE), Edwin Lo (HK), Pauwel De Buck (BE), Yiorgis Sakellariou (GR), Sinyu Tsang (HK), and Martin Clarke (UK). 

Sound Localities is a project initiated by Ashley Wong an artist, curator and researcher based in London, UK during a 3-month residency at Transcultures in Mons, Begium supported by Pépinières européennes pour jeune artistes and partners.   

Mons Phase III


Sébastien Biset

“‘Field Rec. Mons PHASE III’ consists of a series of fragments selected from real abuses in our experience from the first Phase III presentation in Mons. For me, the intention was to collect sounds including anecdotes, reflecting the different spaces and environments we would come upon in the city: churches, bars, parks, places, shops, university campus, cemetery, etc.. Beyond capturing the real, it was also an attempt to extract sound from the world, including through intentional resonances (i.e. objects thrown into a shed), reflecting the energy at work in a sound event. In the piece, there are also fragments of conversations and a sections of “speculation” contextualized.”

Field Rec. Mons-Hainaut Assemblage

“‘Field Rec. Mons-Hainaut Assembly’ is an assembly of his reception in the city of Mons and surroundings in its region. This track is less anecdotal, more abstract, but also more “musical” in the stamps used. Saturation of the microphone in front of a sound event intense violence hearing urban electric equipment, lost notes and sweetness of sampled, depth of the resonance of a piano reverb at a venue to large size. Despite the abstraction of the final result, leaving the organic side express a particular mood.”

Sebastien Biset (b. 1983) is an art historian, a theorist, an artist and a musician. He’s finishing a doctoral thesis and is a member and co-founder of the association (SIC) (publishing, events, etc.) established in Brussels. He also contributes to various publications and art journals. His research explores the pragmatic dimension of contemporary creation, political art, aesthetics of situations and relational art.He is one of the protagonists of the platform MNÓAD (micro label, micro publishing, luxpacks, concerts, performances, bars, etc.), structure based in Le Roeulx and part of the Vecteur, cultural and art space located in the center of the city of Charleroi. He’s also the initiator of the improv’ group Soumonces!

PHASE III is an interdisciplinary collective. Though they have shown and performed in realtime in a multimedia environment, the project arises from the shared space of social action leading to a reflection on the interconnection of human network (urban, rural, communicational, virtual, etc), hypertext thoughts, expressions and actions.

Mons, Belgium

Morning Bells, Mons

Ashley Wong

"These are the bells I hear every morning in Mons where I have been on residency. I count them each time to know how late I am sleeping. Once I count to 10 I know I should probably get up. The town is small enough that the bells can be heard throughout. There is snow this year in November, which is extremely rare, reminding me of the winter moods in Canada that surrounds you in the crisp cold air."

Mons Station 

"Mons is a 45 minute train ride from Brussels. Trains in Belgium are cheap and towns like Ghent, Antwerp and Liege are near and easy to travel to. It is also very close to the border of France and Netherlands. I go to Brussels at least once or twice a week. The train comes about once an hour. I am often waiting at the station with the smell of cheap gaufres (Belgian waffels) cooking behind me. There have been labour strikes and snow/bad weather so many of the trains have been cancelled or delayed. This track is from the waiting hall, I then walk down the stairs and up the escalators to the platform where the trains arrive"

Slot Machine Games

"Outside the station as well as in the Grand Place are many carnival games. They sell hotdogs, waffels, candies and have several rides, fun houses and games where you can win electronics and toys etc. They are full of lights and loud techno music. It is a bit trashy. Despite a nice historical exterior, nice buildings and cobble streets, there are still many social problems in Mons. I walked into one of the coin games and slot machine booths where you can win stuffed animals. There is a mixture of people, unbearably loud french pop music and coins - which is contrasted to the grey and everyday street sounds outside."

Ashley Wong is a cultural producer, artist and researcher based in the UK. She has been on residency in Mons, Belgium where she initiated the Sound Localities / Resonant Cities project. She is founder of independent arts platform LOUDSPKR and co-founder of international research collective DOXA. She has lived and worked internationally in Canada, Hong Kong and London UK developing collaborative and transdisciplinary projects that investigate into a complex global cultural environment.


Transcultures, Interdisciplinary Center for Sound and Electronic Cultures is an association born in 1996 in order to promote and develop crossings between contemporary artistic practices and arts/society/technology stakes; focusing in particular on sound art and digital creation. Since 2008, Transcultures is settled in Mons (Belgium) and through its new interdisciplinary center, is working on production, mediation and reflection regarding electronic and sound projects.

Since 2003, Transcultures has launched in collaboration with the City of Mons, City Sonic, international sound art festival (sound circuit of site specific installations and performances in various locations of the city of Mons). The City Sonic productions travel all around the world. Since 2005, another festival Les Transnumériques was born dedicated to the digital arts and cultures (in Mons, Brussels, Liège and other cities in France). Transcultures have also produced many CDs, DVDs, books and hybrid publications on various topics related to the interdisciplinary/digital/sound arts.


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